Tuck Executive Education Leadership and Strategic Impact Program 2021 Dates

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Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth is offering the Leadership and Strategic Impact program twice in 2021: May 16 – 21, 2021 as a virtual program and October 3 – 8, 2021 in person.

The Leadership and Strategic Impact Program (LSI) is designed for high potential executives interested in learning how to develop their strategic leadership styles, implement and communicate strategy organization-wide, and maximize their leadership effectiveness.

Participants in this program will work to:

* Sharpen their approach to strategic leadership and decision-making

* Drive results through strategic communication

* Manage team dynamics and improve performance

* Reflect on their strategic leadership capabilities

* Develop an action plan and sustain their momentum after the program

* Commit to accelerating personal and organizational growth

The core curriculum of this program focuses on the following questions:

* How can I lead change across the enterprise?

* How can I develop corporate culture and a collaborative mind-set?

* How can I create reliable feed-forward processes for my growth?

* How can I identify and develop talent, including my own?

Prior to attending the program, participants complete a 360-degree leadership assessment that identifies individual strengths and suggests areas on which to focus during the program. Participants take part in interactive exercises and faculty and peer coaching, and create personal action plans for use on the job.

For more information on the Leadership and Strategic Impact, visit the Tuck Web site.

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