Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We intend to be a one-stop resource center for all executive education programs. Our vision is to help individuals gain the knowledge they need to excel, thereby increasing their efficiency and productivity, leading to better organizational growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consolidated information about executive programs to companies that are seeking a one-stop resource center to pick and choose education programs for their employees. Our custom-made Web sites for individual companies help executives to browse and pick executive education programs that fit their company goals.

Who We Are

Albert & Company International, Inc. came into existence in 1986. We always strive to be a one-stop company for executive education program information.

We have grown since then with respect to our approach, client base, technology enhancement, and our services and solutions to corporations of all sizes. We started off with printed catalogs and now our services are online and accessible 24/7, using any device that can connect to the Internet. We have seen a tremendous growth in our client base. We have serviced more than 100 companies, helping them educate their employees with executive education programs that benefit individuals as well as the company. Multinational companies across the globe use our services.

Why Choose Us


Custom Campus & ACI Guide

We provide a customized Web site for each of our customers, creating a unique campus experience for them. The custom Web sites include a consolidated list of selected programs available from various educational institutions and the dates associated with them. The programs are grouped together based on different specialties and skill sets that are required at various organizational levels.

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Five Point Approach

Our Five Point Approach offers step-by-step guidance to executives to pick and choose employees and education programs for them from various educational institutions in a custom Web site built specifically for them.

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Return On Investment

Education is still the best investment a company can make in individuals – provided the investment is made efficiently. Education costs money. And we help companies to pick the best possible programs for their employees so that the return on their investment (ROI) can be measured by the increase in employee efficiency and productivity.

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Our Team

  • Karen Albert
  • Fred Watts
  • Steve Whalen
    EVP/Chief Technology Officer
  • John Hicks
    VP/IT Manager
  • Ashley Helsel
    VP, Publishing
  • Erin Ellis
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Kim Whalen
    Chief Administrator
  • Cathy Ciampo
    AVP, Administration