A planned approach to goal achievement is the most important aspect for its successful execution. When exploring higher education for senior level administrators in an organization, proper planning benefits the individual as well as the company.

Therefore, we have created a FIVE POINT plan to help companies and concerned personnel to pick the best possible executive programs for their employees. These five steps have proved to be extremely efficient based on our research and success in the industry for over 25 years.

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Five Points


Succession Planning

Identify the candidate

  • Identify individuals who have the potential for higher levels of management
  • Choose individuals who will gain the most from the educational costs
  • Assess capabilities for current and future positions
  • Determine strengths and development needs
  • Establish an action plan for each individual in the program selection


Analyze the candidate’s development plan

  • Identify the candidate’s specific development needs for:
  • Expanded knowledge and additional skills
  • Innovative methods
  • Broadened perspective
  • Consider current and projected job assignments
  • Determine the type of program appropriate to the individual’s development plan
  • 3

    Program Selection

    Match the candidate’s needs

  • Choose specific categories in the Albert & Company International Executive Development Programs Guide in online and print format
  • Select programs that:
  • Reinforce and build on prior education and experiences
  • Address individual needs and integrate these needs with the development plan
  • Match the participant’s managerial level, experience, and background
  • Meet specific requirements of both the candidate and the company
  • 4


    Plan for enrollment well in advance

  • Schedule for the candidate:
  • Ensure space in the program selected
  • Plan for the candidate’s absence from the office
  • Prepare the candidate for an academic learning experience
  • Meet with the candidate to:
  • Reinforce reasons the candidate was chosen
  • Establish mutually realistic expectations
  • 5


    Analyze the program with the participant

  • Assess the program and process with the participant:
  • Review program objectives met and the action plans
  • Discuss how newly acquired skills and knowledge can best be utilized in the present and the future
  • Report to senior management on the projected success of the programs
  • Conduct Return on Investment (ROI) analyses