Toward a Better Food Future

Artist rending of 4Roots Farm campus ©4Roots Farm

The 4Roots Farm Campus – an alliance of community stakeholders committed to developing healthy and sustainable regional food solutions – is planning a new 28-acre urban-farm school in the heart of downtown Orlando, FL. 4Roots is a breakaway local company that seeks to connect regional food producers, consumers, and food-banks through educational outreach partnerships featuring original learning programs. 4Roots also envisions a Discovery Center and farm direct-to-table restaurant to highlight many of its urban farming products.

The 4Roots aim is to create, in the immediate Orlando vicinity, the greenest city in the country complete with unique learning pavilions based on 4Roots methodologies. There will be inter-disciplinary programs on food and culinary medicine. This new alliance uses a wholistic approach the company refers to as Culinary Health. It was inspired by Harvard-trained William Li, MD, an international expert in public health, who emphasizes disaster reversal with such books as Eat to Beat Disease and Eat to Live.

Valencia College of Orlando is offering related courses on sustainability. The Founder and CEO of 4Roots is Central Florida restaurant executive and entrepreneur John Rivers. Mr. Rivers, who is also the principal of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse group, gave an inspiring introductory presentation on May 21, 2021 at an invitational breakfast event sponsored by the Harvard Club of Central Florida.

For more information on 4Roots Farm, visit their Web site.

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