Executive Education and Business Schools Will Feel Effects of Pandemic

According to Sameer Hasija, Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD, COVID-19 was the culmination of the era of disruption being the main theme in business. The global pandemic halted business-as-usual, forced corporations to develop new capabilities, and we are now seeing the beginning of more profound changes.

In a recent article for The National, Dean Hasija suggests that, in order to be successful in the new era of digital transformation, “Leaders must write and master new management rules,” which may require them to adopt emerging technologies and prepare for future disruptions from climate change, political unrest, etc. Academic institutions with teaching and research expertise can be useful partners in this endeavor. They utilize objective, data-driven analytical methods that are reviewed by peers. They also receive real-time feedback from executives in various industries and locations thereby ensuring practical relevance.

Executives will be required to leave old habits and comfort zones to embrace new skills, capabilities, and opportunities. Business schools, and executive education providers in particular, can facilitate these transitions by utilizing a hybrid model (combining online and in-person learning). This will provide participants with the ability to customize how and where they learn, as well as the pace of their education. Dean Hasija believes that providers can accomplish this through open collaboration with technology providers and digital platforms.

For the complete article, visit The National Web site.

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