MIT Sloan New Online Course, Building Great Teams: The Enterprise Leader’s Playbook

MIT Sloan Executive Education announced last week that it will offer a new online leadership course, Building Great Teams: The Enterprise Leader’s Playbook, in June 2021.

Designed for executives with more than 10 years of experience and responsibility for leading functions, geographies, units and practice areas, this course will help participants think differently about the true definition of effective leadership in today’s environment. Led by MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Douglas Ready, an expert on organizational transformation and the role of senior executive teams in driving change, the program uses lecture, case study, and discussion to address leadership challenges.

Topics of this three-day program include:

Day One

What Enterprise Leaders Do

* Focusing organizational attention on unit and enterprise considerations

* Appreciating the power of one’s leadership narrative

* Managing a series of embedded tensions

* Role-modeling the behaviors of an enterprise leader

* Aligning powerful people into a powerful enterprise leadership team

What Enterprise Leaders Think and Behave

* Leading teams with a sense of purpose

* Having the perspective to play the long and short game simultaneously

* Helping team members develop a sense of context to see across the enterprise

* Being a culture carrier of what it means to cultivate a community of leaders

* Demonstrating the resiliency needed to lead agile teams within a complex enterprise

Day Two

* Embracing the dual roles of enterprise leader – builder and broker

* Appreciating that team members are leading amidst competing and embedded organizational tensions

* Helping one’s team to artfully reconcile those tensions, while still building trust among the team

* Case study on how an enterprise leadership team drives innovation, agility, and growth at scale

Day Three

* Auditing the organization’s effectiveness at cultivating a climate of enterprise thinking

* Auditing personal effectiveness to lead enterprise leaders

* How to improve one’s capacity to cultivate the next generation of enterprise leaders

* Formulating a plan to become a great leader of enterprise leadership teams

For more information on Building Great Teams: The Enterprise Leader’s Playbook, visit the MIT Sloan Web site.

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