MIT Sloan Executive Education Announces Two New Online Programs

MIT Sloan Executive Education announced in mid-October that it will offer two new online courses in Winter 2020, Leading Successful Transitions in a Digitally Driven World and Navigating Transitions During Disruptive Change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes, causing business operations to accelerate rapidly into new digital landscapes. MIT Sloan’s new programs aim to assist leaders and managers in navigating this environment. Faculty members will lead group coaching and assessments through the uncertainty surrounding change, and facilitate creating guidelines for transitioning into new business environments. Hal Gregerson, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, and Roger Lehman, Senior Lecturer, will assist participants in gaining the skills required to address innovation.

Leading Successful Transitions in a Digitally Driven World will be offered November 16 – 20, 2020, and will address the following topics:

* Examining the “transition curves” of role adjustment, task performance, and emotional energy

* Creating organizational support for each stage of the transition process

* Identifying how teams express unconscious resistance to transitions and apply champion and communication tools to address this resistance

* Developing and cultivating (through group coaching) the self-awareness and heightened emotional intelligence (EQ) required to effectively navigate high uncertainty

* Engaging the power of fearless inquiry and increased cultural awareness to effectively navigate the entire transition process

Navigating Transitions During Disruptive Change will teach participants how to:

* Engage the power of inquiry, cultural awareness, and a growth mindset to manage transitions

* “Mind the curves” of adjustment, learning, and emotional response

* Frame their role as an effective leader in times of transition

* Identify threats and address them openly with one’s team

* Understand the role of social defenses during times of uncertainty

* Create organizational support at each phase of the transition curve

* Sustain psychologically safe and compassionate transition cultures

* Provide better transition support to individuals and teams virtually

* Identify and engage in positive transitions at home and in communities

For more information on Leading Successful Transitions in a Digitally Driven World, visit the program Web site.

For additional details about Navigating Transitions During Disruptive Change, visit the program Web site.

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