Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Potential Solutions to the Climate-change Crisis

Harvard Kennedy School © Harvard Kennedy School

Everyone can agree that COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way we live and work. While some of the changes it has brought have been challenging, something good has come of this crisis: measurable decreases in pollution levels including carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen dioxide levels (in Italy and China), carbon monoxide (in New York City), and fine particulates (in San Francisco). Our challenge now is to use what we have learned from this pandemic to make a positive impact on climate change and sustainability.

While most of us have been staying home more, even working or attending school from our homes, we have been working together (apart) to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and the environment cleaner. When the pandemic crisis is over, we can choose to continue doing our part to minimize our carbon footprints. Providers of executive education and leadership development can partner with individuals and organizations going forward to educate and inform students. Subsequently, those students will return to work with the knowledge and tools to implement sustainability practices that will make a difference in their spheres of influence.

Some leadership programs focusing on climate change and sustainability include:

* eCornell, Climate Change Leadership

* Harvard Business School, Sustainable Business Strategy

* Harvard Kennedy School, Climate Change Policy: Economics and Politics (Online)

* Harvard Kennedy School, Climate Change and Energy: Policymaking for the Long Term

* Harvard School of Public Health, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership

* HEC Paris, Business & Climate Change Summer Program (distance learning)

* IMD, Winning Sustainability Strategies

* London School of Economics, Climate Change: Economics and Governance

* Paris School of Economics, Climate Change – Impacts, Adaptation, and Political Constraints

* University of California Berkeley, Strategic Sustainability for Business (online)

For more information on these programs, visit the schools’ Web sites.

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