Great Places for Executives to Study Online

C-Suite Quarterly (CSQ) recently identified 10 great places for executives to learn online.

University executive education programs offer high-quality education and afford participants the respect of their peers. Top providers include:

* MIT – Offers entrepreneurial and skill-building courses, such as Innovator’s DNA, Neuroscience for Leadership, and Building Game-Changing Organizations.

* Stanford – New Leadership Series features courses such as Leading in the COVID-19 Era, Leading Diversity and Inclusion, and Leading with Purpose. The LEAD online business program is more comprehensive, and requires five to 10 hours per week for a year to earn a certificate.

* Wharton – Offers 50 online courses in leadership and management, technology, strategy, and specific topics such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and health care.

* Harvard – Harvard Business School Online courses cover business essentials, leadership and management, entrepreneurship and innovation, strategy, analytics, finance and accounting, and business in society.

Other options are course aggregators and specialty sites:

* EdX – Offers courses in finance, project management, and many other topics, including a “MicroMaster’s” degree in business analytics.

* Hone HQ – Topics include COVID-19, manager training, leading change, diversity and inclusion, managing conflict, remote work, building trust, productivity, and others.

* Wall Street Mojo – Covers investment banking, company valuation, and financial skills for non-financial professionals.

* Coursera – Collaboration with more than 200 universities and companies ensures a wide range of topics, from business to social sciences, to personal development.

* Masterclass – Classes on this platform consist of about 20 video lessons of around 10 minutes each, along with an in-depth workbook.

* LinkedIn Learning – Formerly, this site links users with courses that match their current goals, interests, and career path.

* Udemy – Offers more than 130,000 courses in business, development, finance and accounting, IT and software, office productivity, marketing, and design.

For more information, visit the CSQ site.

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