Wharton Offers New Executive Education Program: Leadership in a New Era of Health Care

Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

















Wharton Executive Education is partnering with Penn Medicine to offer a new executive education program, Leadership in a New Era of Health Care, which will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 28 – 31, 2019.

Designed to develop the next generation of leaders in academic medicine and the health care industry, this program is intended for established and aspiring leaders who are in positions to formulate creative solutions to the field’s most complex issues, drive change, and reimagine the way to health for everyone. Participants include clinicians, scientists, and administrative and executive leaders interested in fostering organizational transformation and alignment.

Prior to the program, participants complete an emotional intelligence ability test, an organizational culture audit, and a summary of a major organizational challenge within their own organization. They will attend lectures and take part in experiential exercises, simulations, small-group conversations, panels, and class discussions with Wharton and Penn Medicine faculty and industry thought leaders.

Participants will:

* Learn to recognize, understand, and leverage their organization’s culture for best success

* Receive a map for the best way to enact change, which they actually live through in a change simulation

* Discover how to create broad coalitions in order to make optimal decisions

* Hone their negotiation and conflict resolution skills for win-win solutions

* Refine their capabilities in communicating rationales and obtaining stakeholder buy-in

* Improve their ability to productively manage relationships with other physicians, executives, and teams by assessing and improving their emotional intelligence

* Have access to cutting-edge knowledge from medical-school deans, CEOs, and top leaders in the health care field

Topics include:

* Leadership in a new era of health care

* Understanding one’s organizational culture

* Driving organizational change in health care

* Negotiation and conflict resolution

* The emotionally intelligent health care leader

During the Health Care Challenge, participants take part in four interactive sessions in which they have the opportunity to share a real-world organizational or leadership challenge and obtain feedback from faculty and peers. This provides practice in listening and analyzing challenges and offers insights to help execute change.

For additional information on the Leadership in a New Era of Health Care program, visit the Wharton Web site.

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