University of Miami School of Business Administration Now Miami Business School

The University of Miami School of Business Administration is now Miami Business School.

Months after his arrival, John Quelch, Dean of the Miami Business School, consulted with faculty, staff, and alumni, and petitioned the University of Miami Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees to change the name of the School of Business Administration to the University of Miami Business School, or Miami Business School. Quelch wants the name to emphasize “Miami,” both as a destination and an opportunity.

“It’s a global magnet city,” Quelch says. He also points out, “In the age of social media, we can’t afford to waste words telling people who we are. We needed to shorten and simplify the name. Very few schools any longer use ‘business administration’ in their title. These days, people don’t aspire to a career in administration. They aspire to a career in leadership or management.” Harvard Business School changed the name of its business school 15 years ago from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University.

Quelch anticipates that the faculty will raise the profile of Miami Business School programs locally, through community and collaboration with business, and on the international stage. 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the school’s flagship MBA program. The school offers a full-time MBA program, as well as executive MBA programs specifically designed for experienced professionals. Miami Business School is one of only a few higher education institutions in the United States that offers an Executive MBA program taught in Spanish.

For more information on Miami Business School and its programs, visit them online.

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