UC Berkeley Offers Certificate of Business Excellence



The UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education offers a Certificate of Business Excellence, which can be earned by completing 17 days of executive programs from UC Berkeley’s open enrollment programs portfolio. The Center for Executive Education at UC Berkeley offers executive education programs in Innovation, Leadership, and Management.

Benefits of this program include:

* Certification of Excellence in Business from the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education at the Haas School of Business

* Access to the UC Berkeley Long Business Library and other university database services (on campus)

* One-year subscription to the California Management Review

* Berkeley Haas email forwarding address, which does not expire

* Lifelong access to a network of distinguished Haas Alumni. Certificate holders have access to a global network of over 36,000 Haas alumni via a password-protected online community and Haas-sponsored reunions, conferences and seminars

* 15% discount to all future executive education programs

* Ability to join local alumni chapters or clubs in the participant’s region

* Berkeley Haas Alumni magazine

* Video portal, Haas insights to research highlights, industry speakers

For more information on the Certificate of Business Excellence and UC Berkeley executive education programs, visit them on the Web.

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