Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth Offers Open and Custom Programs

Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth offers both open enrollment and custom programs designed to strengthen strategic leadership and accelerate organizational impact.

Tuck faculty members are known as thought leaders who combine research-based expertise with real-world knowledge. They include Vijay (VG) Govindarajan, among the world’s leading strategy and innovation experts; Sydney Finkelstein, a widely published author and thought leader on leadership, strategy, and corporate governance; and Marshall Goldsmith, authority on helping leaders achieve positive, lasting behavior change.

Current open enrollment programs include:

* Building a High-Performing Minority Business
* Business Engagement and the Information Security Professional
* Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs
* Global Leadership Consortium
* Growing the Minority Business to Scale
* Leadership and Strategic Impact
* Leading Innovation Using the Three Box Solution (in collaboration with Emeritus Institute of Management)
* Next Step: Transition to Business
* Tuck Advanced Management Program

Tuck’s custom executive education involves the Tuck team gaining an understanding of the client’s business issues and strategic objectives and working closely with the client to create leadership development experiences that match content, faculty, and learning methods to the organization’s needs and objectives.

Tuck continues to partner with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), a non-profit professional association that provides technical leadership for the cable telecommunications industry, having created the highly praised SCTE-Tuck Executive Leadership Program, which addresses the leadership challenges the industry faces.

For more information on Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth, visit their Web site.

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