Third International Conference on Renewable Energy and Resources in San Francisco February 2019

San Francisco skyline

The third International Conference on Renewable Energy and Resources will take place February 22 – 23, 2019 in San Francisco, CA.

With the theme Cutting-edge Information on Renewable Energy Technologies and Innovations, this event is designed for global leaders in energy to share their research in fields including renewable energy; green energy and the economy; advanced materials for energy storage, generation, and transmission; hybrid renewable energy approaches; biofuels and bioenergy; solar and wind energy; hydropower generation; marine energy; smart grid systems; geothermal energy; and others. Participants will attend lectures and workshops and engage in interactive discussions with peers, academics, and industry leaders.

This conference offers 13 tracks:

* Renewable energy

* Solar and wind energy

* Marine energy

* Bioenergy and biotechnology

* Sustainable development

* Power and energy engineering

* Smart grid

* Waste to energy

* Green energy and economy

* Nano environmental technologies

* Advanced materials for energy storage

* Environmental impact of electricity generation

* Geothermal energy

For additional information about this conference, visit their Web site.

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