Stanford Graduate School of Business Offers New Program, The Emerging COO: Driving Innovation and Operational Excellence

Aerial view of Stanford University campus

Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is offering a new executive education program for chief operating officers.

As Stanford GSB’s first blended online and in-person program, The Emerging COO program is three months long, and is comprised of three modules: an online module focused on strategy and finance, a six-day module on the GSB campus focusing on the concept of operational excellence and innovation by reviewing cases and experiential exercises, and a final module in which participants create and carry out within their companies a project using design thinking methodology. It is designed for experienced chief operations officers, senior-level operations leaders, and aspiring COOs interested in innovation and operational excellence.

According to Stefano Zenios, the program’s director and Investment Group of Santa Barbara Professor of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, “COOs are often the unsung heroes in their senior leadership suite of organizations. They are the builders, the ones who work quietly behind the scenes to make the organization work. But the role of the COO is evolving. Business leaders and executives now see the need for operational excellence at every stage, and it is increasingly common to find the COO role at start-ups and high-growth companies, rather than only established companies.”

Topics during the on-campus module include:

* Leading strategy and organizations

* Leading by design

* Creating shareholder value

* Valuing the firm

* Innovation as a process

* Experiments for operational excellence

* Modern COO – lessons from high growth Silicon Valley companies

* COO roundtable discussion

* Big data in operations

* Innovation and operational excellence – The Dreamliner I and The Dreamliner II

* Harnessing the power of story

* Value chain innovation

* AAA value chain

* Systems leadership I and II

* Culture and operations – from operational routine to norm I and II

* Operationalizing innovation systems in one’s organization

This program begins July 15, 2019, and the on-site module takes place August 25 – 30, 2019.

For additional information on this program, visit the Stanford GSB Web site.

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