Stanford Graduate School of Business Holds Inaugural Interpersonal Dynamics Weekend Lab: Leadership from the Inside Out

New York panorama for August 2020 program
Paris panorama for March 2020 program

Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) held its inaugural Interpersonal Dynamics Weekend Lab: Leadership from the Inside Out in New York City March 21 – 24, 2019. The program is scheduled to run twice next year: March 19 – 22, 2020 in Paris, and August 27 – 30, 2020 in New York.

Designed for senior-level executives and general managers, as well as emerging leaders who are open to feedback, willing to take risks, and motivated to learn and grow, this program utilizes the T-group learning methodology to increase self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness. The small group size of 12 participants provides an intimate environment that allows individuals to learn more about themselves and how to create more productive professional, influential, and personal relationships. Based on one of the Graduate School of Business’s most-popular courses, Interpersonal Dynamics, it is comprised of 100% experiential activities and has no lectures or homework.

Participants in this program will:

* Learn to give and receive constructive and positive peer feedback

* Practice key leadership skills such as building trust, deep listening, expressing empathy and vulnerability, and influencing others

* Navigate difficult conversations and achieve positive outcomes with relationships in tact

* Develop greater self-awareness to become a more effective and authentic leader

* Learn practical skills to further develop their emotional intelligence skills and understand how emotions drive behaviors – in themselves and others

In an interview with The Financial Times, Dave Schechter, Vice President, Footwear, at Nike, for AirMax, who attended this program, says, “The practical nature and application of this course stood out. I wanted to see how we are driving leadership in the company compared with how others are doing it. The phrase ‘you get out what you put in’ was really evident. This is a course that I leverage every day in my job. It’s real-world relevant: how to be open, honest, not being defensive about receiving feedback. These are things I wish everybody had the opportunity to be exposed to. It has made me a better leader. Being a leader is a lifetime of learning; knowing there are other folks outside the company going through the same things you are is reassuring.”

For additional information on Interpersonal Dynamics Weekend Lab: Leadership from the Inside Out, visit the Stanford GSB Web site.

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