New Trends in Executive Education

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Recently, on April 15th, Albert & Company International (ACI) presented new trends in executive education, and over 140 new programs in executive development, to Colorado State University’s top faculty and administration, and key advisory board members.

The top 10 trends are:

* More emphasis on coaching is forthcoming. It is being integrated into executive education programs much more frequently than in the past.

* Sustainability, already very important, is gaining ascendency and intensity.

* Executive development programs are getting shorter and shorter as digitization takes over more and more of the business day.

* Diversity is now a keystone of every corporate decision track, and is sure to increase in importance.

* Innovation-driven executive education is growing exponentially, due to such factors as AI and other technological change-agents. Innovation is now ranked as a top 5 business priority of CEO’s globally, and is essential for corporate survival and outperforming the competition.

* Networking will be more necessary than ever in coming months, and it is bound to exert pervasive influence, extending to deeper learning experiences, especially online opportunities.

* Executive storytelling is adding a grace note to leadership endeavors in every sphere of activity, and will become even more important in the near future.

* Online programs are increasing significantly, with all online or blended courses.

(Harvard Business School Online enrollment spikes 70% after rebranding from the previous HBX).

* Healthcare is transforming, with revolutions in science and technology to patient care innovations.

* Breakthroughs in neuroscience can shape and improve management, teambuilding, and innovation.

Key themes of new open enrollment executive education programs include:

* Leadership/management

* Vision and ideas (Innovation)

* Talent and succession

* Strategy execution

* Sustainability

* Healthcare

* Neuroscience

* Women and diversity

* Personal development

* Data and analytics

* Family business

* Venture capital

* Finance

* Digital

* Online programs

For more information on executive education trends and new programs, visit the ACI Web site.

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