MIT Executive MBA’s Focus on Action Learning









According to Johanna Hising DiFabio, Program Director of the MIT Executive MBA program, Action Learning – applying what one learns to the real world – is what makes the program so unique.

The EMBA program delivers Action Learning in multiple ways:

* An Iterative Learning Process – Students attend class every third Friday and Saturday and apply their learnings to jobs in the interim, providing an immediate impact on their organizations.

* Relevant, Applicable Class Materials and Homework – Faculty members ensure assignments are focused on application. For example, instead of applying a new framework to a case or fictitious company, students apply that framework to their own organizations.

During the Organizational Processes program, students select a process within their companies that they want to improve. They then identify and analyze the dynamics and root causes they believe are responsible for the problem, as well as possible solutions. Participants create an implementation plan, including tactics, metrics to monitor and evaluate, and steps to formalize the change.

* Focus on Individual Projects – During programs such as the Organizations Lab, students spend five months working on an individual project from their own organizations, applying frameworks, tools, and knowledge learned in the EMBA program. They develop a solution and then work with an internal sponsor and stakeholders to institutionalize the change.

For more information on the MIT Executive MBA, or to enroll, visit their Web site.

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