London School of Economics and HEC Paris Offer Leadership 2030 Program

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London School of Economics (LSE) and HEC Paris have partnered to offer Leadership 2030, a senior executive certificate program to launch in July 2019.

The Leadership 2030 executive certificate focuses on understanding the forces expected to shape decision-making in the future, such as complexity and contradictions between long-terms goals and pressures for short-term results, between sustainability and profitability, between risk taking and compliance, between agility and resilience, and between diversity and trust building. Participants will include business leaders, as well as representatives from non-profits and the public sector.

Leadership 2030 will begin in London, examining trends that will continue to emerge and projecting what the future may look like. The second weeklong module will take place in Paris in October 2019 and will cover guidelines for contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world. Teaching methods include seminars, workshops, case studies, and site visits. Participants will be invited to share their own personal and professional challenges with peers throughout the program.

Professor Rodolphe Durand, the Leadership 2030 Strategic Advisor and Academic Director of HEC Paris’s Society and Organizations (S&O) center, stresses, “Understanding the tensions that weigh heavily on your business will help you free yourself from them, turn them into opportunities, and turn yourself in a greater leader.”

Professor Naufel Vilcassim, Head of the LSE Department of Management, adds, “We are delighted to be partnering with HEC Paris on this innovative course. With LSE as a global leader in social science and HEC’s world-class expertise in international management, this program represents a unique opportunity for current and future executives to both delve deeply into the challenges that will face business and society in the coming decade, and to develop their own personal visions for navigating them.”

For more information on the Leadership 2030 program, the HEC Paris Web site.

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