Heart Recovery Patients Advocate on Capital Hill for Lifesaving Technology

On June 8, 2017, 19 patients who benefitted from treatment with Abiomed’s Impella® heart pumps visited Washington, DC, to meet with elected officials and take part in a Congressional Briefing hosted by the MedTech Caucus, which supports development of innovative technology.

The patients in this group suffered from advanced heart failure or cardiogenic shock due to heart attacks, and benefitted from usage of Impella® technology, which is the only Food and Drug Administration-approved line of percutaneous heart pumps indicated for individuals with life-threatening conditions. As documented in clinical papers, heart recovery is the ideal option for patient quality of life and can save costs for the healthcare system.

Co-Chairs Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) hosted the Congressional Briefing, “Innovation and Solutions for Confronting Cardiovascular Disease, America’s #1 Killer.”  Panel participants included Cathy Jeon, MD, interventional cardiologist and Director of Medical Education and Training at Abiomed; Patrick Verta, MD, Medical Director at Edward Lifesciences; and Jonathan R. Kaltman, MD, with the National Institute of Health. They discussed treatment options in the new field of heart recovery and heart-valve diseases; the need for increased screening for heart disease and preventative measures against the disease; and the importance of minimally invasive, cost-effective treatments.

Dr. Jeon pointed out, “The U.S. is facing an epidemic of heart failure, which currently affects 5.7 million Americans and is expected to grow 46 percent by the year 2030. Many people suffering from heart failure and ischemic coronary artery disease aren’t aware that a minimally invasive treatment option exists utilizing the Impella® heart pumps, called a Protected PCI. At Abiomed, we are working with hospitals and cardiovascular centers throughout the country not only to raise awareness, but also to establish protocols and best practices for this procedure, which we believe can improve survival, heart function and quality of life, including a reduced number of days spent in the hospital.”

For additional information on Abiomed, visit their Web site.

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