Harvard’s Business and Environment Initiative – Inspiring Innovation at the Intersection of Business and the Environment

Harvard Business School

Founded in 2010, Harvard’s Business and Environment Initiative (BEI) works to increase understanding of environmental challenges confronting business leaders and to inspire new ideas and effective solutions.

BEI is a hub of environmentally focused research, instruction, and dialogue, connecting world-class faculty, students, alumni, and practitioners who explore topics through research, case development, and alumni engagement. Led by Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor and Faculty Chair Michael Toffel and Director Jennifer Nash, the initiative hosts academic and executive conferences and supports student clubs and alumni connections, both on and off campus.

Jennifer Nash says, “Climate change is such an urgent priority, it’s a real opportunity to explore what business is doing and can do.” During Harvard Business School’s two-week focus on climate change, BEI is launching a new podcast, Climate Rising, and opening an exhibit in Spangler Lounge, Confronting Climate Change: From Business as Usual to Business as Vital. Nash says, “We have an important story to tell. This exhibit highlights the fact that many of our alumni and students have staked out climate change as where they want to put their energy and focus their career.”

BEI’s 28 affiliated HBS faculty members focus on:

* Catalyzing research by engaging alumni and practitioners to identify environmental issues that demand new managerial mindsets and innovative business solutions

* Educating students and promoting environment-related study at HBS and beyond

* Promoting HBS research about environmentally related topics by making them accessible to decision makers worldwide

For more information on Harvard’s Business and Environment Initiative, the new podcast, or the exhibit, visit the BEI site.

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