Harvard Takes Part in Third Annual HUBweek











The third annual HUBweek festival, which celebrates the Boston area’s commitment to innovation in the arts and sciences, began October 10, 2017.

Founding supporters of the weeklong event include Harvard, The Boston Globe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Harvard Provost Alan M. Garber says, “HUBweek offers an opportunity to showcase Boston to the wider world. Harvard embraces the creative forces that enable innovation and discovery in Boston, Cambridge, and beyond. We are excited to participate once again in this unique collaboration.”

Harvard programs include:

* The Organ Generation – exploring the technological frontiers of gene-editing, 3-D bioprinting, and xenotransplantation, among other things

* Saving as Many Lives as Penicillin – focusing on critical paths in health care system innovations

* Deep Dive: Voices of Oncology Discovery – presenting perspectives of cancer patients and their physicians, as well as scientists and executives from industry and academia, to discuss targeted therapies and immune oncology drugs

* Innovation in Healthcare – featuring talks by researchers, ad inviting attendees to participate in a health care case study led by Harvard Business School faculty

* Coffee & Chocolate: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Gender Equity – addressing global supply chains, gender injustice, and climate change

* The Room Where It Happens: On the Agency of Interior Spaces – highlighting the exhibition “The Philosophy Chamber,” which was on the second floor of Harvard Hall from 1766 to 1820 and evolved into a hub for artists, scientists, and intellectuals to discuss the room’s artifacts, scientific instruments, and objets d’art.

For additional information on HUBweek events, visit the HUBweek Web site.

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