Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero Works to Enhance Learning, Thinking, and Creativity

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The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s (HGSE) Project Zero, founded by philosopher Nelson Goodman in 1967, is still working today to “understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity for individuals and groups in arts and other disciplines.”

Project Zero focuses on inquiry into creativity, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary thinking, ethics, intelligence, and understanding and explores sustainable ways to support them. For its first five decades, Project Zero has conducted many research projects in the field of education worldwide. It also hosts the Education that Matters conference and Project Zero Classroom most years (2020 events canceled due to COVID-19).

In 2020, Project Zero launched a new series of live, virtual workshops to support educators working with learners in classrooms or online. Each workshop consists of two sessions, usually a few days apart, along with a brief activity or reflection participants complete in between sessions.

Topics covered by Project Zero include:

* Arts and aesthetics

* Assessment, evaluation, and documentation

* Civic engagement

* Cognition, thinking, and understanding

* Collaboration and group learning

* Digital life and learning

* Disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies

* Ethics at work

* Global and cultural understanding

* Humanities and liberal arts

* Leadership and organizational learning

* Learning environments

* Making and design

* Science learning

Current projects include:

* 21st Century Excellence

* Agency by Design

* Aligned Programs for the 21st Century

* Artful Thinking

* Causal Learning Projects

* Children Are Citizens

* Creando Comunidades de Indagación (Creating Communities of Inquiry)

* Creating Communities of Innovation

* Cultivating Creative & Civic Capabilities

* Cultures of Thinking

* Digital Dilemmas

* Early Childhood in the Making

* EcoLearn Projects

* Global Children

* Higher Education in the 21st Century

* Humanities & Liberal Arts Assessment (HULA)

* Idea Into Action

* Inspiring Agents of Change

* Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

* Investigating Impacts of Education Experiences

* Leading Learning that Matters

* Learning Innovations Laboratory

* Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn

* Making Learning and Thinking Visible in Italian Secondary Schools

* Making Learning Visible

* Multiple Intelligences

* Out of Eden Learn

* Pedagogy of Play

* Re-Imagining Migration

* Rounds

* Signature Pedagogies in Global Education

* Talking with Artists Who Teach

* Teaching for Understanding

* The Good Project

* The Studio Thinking Project

* The World in DC

* Visible Thinking

For more information on Project Zero, visit their Web site.

For additional information on virtual workshops, visit this page.

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