Harvard Business School Online Offering Two New Programs: Leadership Principles and Global Business

Aerial view of Harvard Business School

In late February 2019, Harvard Business School Online announced the launch of two new courses: Leadership Principles and Global Business.

Leadership Principles, designed to enable new and aspiring leaders to unleash their potential and lead high-performing teams, is a six-week program comprised of two weeks of prework and four weeks of course content. Participants will complete self-assessments and receive 360° feedback from colleagues, along with interacting with their peers.

Topics include:

* Taking charge

* Leading one’s team

* Unleashing potential in oneself and others

* Personal network

Global Business is a four-week program geared toward strategists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in heavily regulated industries. It helps participants assess opportunities, mitigate risk, and create and capture value for their organizations and cover the economic, political, and social factors that drive change. Individuals will gain an understanding of how decisions affect their businesses and global markets.

Topics include:

* Macroeconomic and political analysis

* Economic conditions and one’s business

* Political order and disorder

* Business and the interconnected world

Patrick Mullane, executive director of Harvard Business School Online, comments, “We’re pleased to offer these new courses to help leaders better drive their businesses and propel their careers during volatile times. Joshua Margolis and Tony Mayo are extraordinary faculty who will instill confidence and strengthen leadership capabilities for professionals ready to take the next step. Forest Reinhardt is a world-class economist who will equip participants with the tools they need to anticipate and capitalize on global developments.”

For additional information on Leadership Principles, visit the program Web site.

For more information on Global Business, visit the program Web site.

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