Harvard Business School New Program, Managing the Future of Work


Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education is offering a new program, Managing the Future of Work, in October. It will focus on building actionable strategies to build sustainable competitive advantage as technological advances, changing global product and labor markets, and other factors affect the fundamental nature of work.

Designed for chief executive officers, chief human resource officers, presidents, senior executives, and board members of established companies that are doing business in advanced economies, it helps participants frame specific questions and generate hypotheses for solutions, challenging them to move beyond outdated workforce development models.

Topics include:

* Workplace of the future – major trends that are shaping the workplace, including automation, digitization, and the “gig/contractor” economy

* “Care” economy – recent evolution of workplace arrangements and related public policies toward the increasing care responsibilities being placed on employees

* Middle skills gap – strategies for cultivating talent and better matching middle-skilled workers with employer needs

* Global talent access – how businesses, especially those outside of major clusters, connect with and effectively utilize the extremely mobile global talent that is vital in today’s work environment

* Spatial pressures – prospects and action plans for rural areas struggling with stagnant or shrinking populations and how they differ from urban environments; evaluating existing sites for expansion vs. opening new facilities, based on current and potential workforces

Participants will work in small teams to prepare cases from their own organizations for review and discussion. One case from each team will be presented to the class.

For additional information on Managing the Future of Work, visit the Harvard Business School Web site.

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