Harvard Business School New Program: Leading and Building a Culture of Innovation

Harvard Business School is offering a new program, Leading and Building a Culture of Innovation, to be held on the Harvard campus December 3 – 7, 2017.

Designed for general managers and senior executives responsible for leading innovation and change, the program will focus on how to build and sustain an innovative organization by encouraging creative problem-solving. Participants should have at least 15 years of work experience, and teams are encouraged to apply.

Topics include:

Redefining Leadership in Today’s Organization
* Management of innovation through continuous change
* Your role as social architect
* Growing contextual intelligence
* Leading by empowering others

Developing the Capabilities for Collective Genius
* Creative abrasion
* Creative agility
* Creative resolution

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Innovation
* Fostering trust and a shared sense of purpose and values
* Identifying organizational strengths and roadblocks
* Introducing new rules of engagement
* Institutionalizing risk-taking

Learning from Success
* Examining case studies of successful innovation leaders
* Experiencing firsthand the messy process of collaborative innovation
* Putting winning strategies and tools in the context of your own organization

Linda A. Hill, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration and Faculty Chair of Leading and Building a Culture of Innovation, comments, “Most leaders I meet tell me they are worried that their organizations can’t innovate enough. And it’s no wonder why: leading innovation is hard, emotionally taxing work, even for the best of leaders. We designed this program to help leaders learn how to unleash the talents of their organization and harness them into innovative solutions—not just once, but time and time again.”

For additional information on this new program, visit the Harvard Business School site.

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