Harvard Business School Launches New Executive Education Program, Accelerating Innovation in Precision Medicine

Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education announced this week that it is launching a new program, Accelerating Innovation in Precision Medicine, which will be held on the HBS campus September 5 – 7, 2018.

HBS’s Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator created this program, which is designed for senior leaders from the medical, scientific, technological, and business communities to explore business solutions in personalized medicine. It covers four priority areas on which leaders in this field should focus: direct-to-patient communications, data analysis, clinical trials, and investment and venture. Participants will learn how to better engage patients in their care, how to best use critical data and analytics, how to collaborate with leaders from across industries, and how to improve the design and performance of clinical trials.

Richard Hamermesh, Faculty Co-Chair of the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator and Faculty Co-Chair of this program, notes, “There are inefficiencies in the business models of precision medicine organizations and the way they work together in the ecosystem. For example, there are many organizations that are trying to eradicate cancer and other genetic diseases, but each has its own objective and their efforts are fragmented. If we can use best practices from business to address these dysfunctions and remove blockages in the system, then new, targeted therapies can flow more easily.”

While Accelerating Innovation in Precision Medicine is open to individuals, it is designed for teams of senior leaders from various organizations.

For additional information on the Accelerating Innovation in Precision Medicine program, visit the HBS Web site.

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