Endeavor Partners with INSEAD-Singapore, Stanford, and Harvard for Custom Executive Education Programs

INSEAD Singapore campus

Last month, Endeavor, a non-profit that focuses on mentoring entrepreneurs around the globe, partnered with INSEAD, Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and Harvard Business School (HBS) on custom executive education programs tailored to scaling companies and leadership. Approximately 150 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from almost 30 markets took part in the three weeklong programs.

The INSEAD program, Leaders at Scale, marks the first time Endeavor has partnered with INSEAD’s Singapore campus. The program focused on challenges participants face as they expand and internationalize, and help evolve their organizations’ culture, foster high-performing teams, and advance their own personal leadership. Endeavor Entrepreneur Carlotta Cattaneo of Codemotion, who attended the INSEAD program, shared on LinkedIn, “Leading people is the most difficult job ever, and it’s surprising to realize how similar our challenges are, even if we have different businesses, at different stages of maturity, [from different] backgrounds, cultures, and countries. It was a very inspiring week.”

During the Stanford program, Driving Innovation and Building Leading Companies in a Competitive Global Marketplace, participants learned to develop strategies to bring about more effective relationships with partners and customers, including an inside look at best practices of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The Harvard program, Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures, focused on strategy, sales and marketing, leadership, and finance. Participants learned ways to assess growth opportunities, serve as effective leaders, and acquire new customers.

For more information Endeavor programs, visit their Web site.

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