EDHEC Business School Dean Presents Strategic Plan: Impact Future Generations

In a recent article for Poets & Quants, Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School in France, summarized EDHEC’s 20 – 25 Strategic Plan, ‘Impact Future Generations,’ a transformative project with an investment plan of almost €230 million.

The Economist ranks EDHEC’s Global MBA No. 1 in France, No. 2 in Europe, and No. 7 worldwide for opening new career opportunities, and the school is committed to reinventing the types of leaders it produces – they must know “how to learn, how to think, and how to act so they can make the business world evolve in meaningful ways, channeling it toward serving future generations.” According to Dean Métais, EDHEC’s goal is to shape “composite managers” who are able to tackle challenges in our increasingly complex world. To accomplish this, the school will open new learning opportunities through EDHEC Business University Online, in partnership with top international universities, to provide students access to a wide range of subjects not traditionally covered by business schools.

Dean Métais notes that, as France’s leading Business School for Law, their mission is to train a “new generation of augmented lawyers who are creative, digital savvy, and innovation-friendly.” They will be launching the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute to further this mission. In addition, a new center focused on Data and AI for Future Generations will help students properly use technology and data science as it evolves.

For more information on EDHEC Business School and its programs, visit their Web site.

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