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The Earthship Biotecture Academy offers training in Earthship design principles, construction methods, and philosophy.

Michael Reynolds and his staff of Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers, and plant specialists lead the classes, labs, tours, and hands-on construction techniques. The intensive sessions are six days a week for four weeks, with half the time spent in the classroom and half learning hands-on techniques on construction sites. The Academy has trained more than 1,305 students from around the world.

In addition to classroom sessions, students take part in labs, tour at least 20 different Earthships and pre-Earthship experimental buildings, and work on at least two different Earthship construction projects.

Classes include:

* History and evolution of the Earthship concept
* Thermal/solar heating and cooling
* Building with natural and recycled materials
* Water harvesting, storage, and filtration
* Contained sewage treatment
* How to read Earthship construction drawings
* Earthship types
* Earthship finishing options and techniques
* Food production in Earthships
* Introduction to aquaponics
* Solar and wind electric systems
* Basics of electricity
* Earthship village ecologies, test sites, and colonies
* Sustainable retrofit for conventional homes
* Disaster relief and humanitarian projects
* Project planning and staging
* Plans and permitting process
* Owner/builder Earthship experience

The Earthship Academy is based at the Greater World Earthship Community, the world’s largest sustainable, approved subdivision and home to the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site.

For additional information on the Earthship Academy, visit their Web site.

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