Digital Readiness and Strategy

Micro Focus headquarters in Newbury, England

In an interview with VMblog in March 2019, Joe Garber, Micro Focus Global Head of Strategy & Solutions, discussed the ways, through mergers and acquisitions and aggressive research and development, Micro Focus is in a position to deliver on digital transformation.

According to Garber, Micro Focus is larger and more far-reaching than ever before and is one of the 10 largest pure-play enterprise software companies in the world, with about 40,000 customers worldwide and $4 billion in annual revenue. The acquisition of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software added to Micro Focus’s portfolio, which now has more than 300 products. Micro Focus is focused on addressing the requirements of digital transformation, a top priority for the company’s customers and partners.

Organizations are approaching IT strategy by looking at how they can evolve through four core areas of digital transformation:

*Enterprise DevOps – Solutions that unleash the power of DevOps across the hybrid IT landscape, bringing innovative ideas to life to securely deliver high-quality software and services faster.

*Hybrid IT Management – Solutions that help organizations run IT Ops at the speed of DevOps, delivering services on demand and generating operational and business insights, all while helping organizations address security, compliance and governance requirements.

*Predictive Analytics – Solutions that leverage machine learning to transform unlimited volumes of data into accurate, actionable, automated insights – to ultimately make predictions and influence business outcomes quickly and efficiently.

*Security, Risk, and Governance – Solutions that safeguard an organization’s most-valuable assets – identities, applications and data – to mitigate risk that can come in the form of expensive breaches, fines, sanctions, and lost shareholder value.

Three things make Micro Focus’s approach to digital transformation unique:

*Breadth and depth of the Micro Focus portfolio: In a market largely dominated by point solutions that are often not interoperable and only address a specific portion of collective IT needs, Micro Focus is able to deliver an integrated, holistic set of solutions.

*Alignment to customers’ IT reality: Micro Focus technology bridges the gap between existing and emerging technologies to protect customers’ investments and enable faster time-to-value, with less risk.

*R&D philosophy that puts customers first: Many software vendors prioritize chasing the next new thing, which is often not in their current customers’ best interest. Micro Focus prioritizes customer-centric innovation, which puts Micro Focus’s goals in line with theirs.

Garber points out that Micro Focus offers a holistic set of solutions that can be implemented individuals or integrated together over time. It offers customers the tools to progress on their own terms. He suggests thinking twice before adopting a rip-and-replace approach, noting that this often results in broken process, compromised security, and revenue at risk. Bridging the old and new will put companies in a stronger position to run and transform the business simultaneously.

For more information on Micro Focus and its services, visit them online.

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