Cornell ILR Custom Program Assists NYU Langone Health with HR Boot Camp

NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City

Nancy Sanchez, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean of HR and Organizational Development at NYU Langone Health, enlisted Cornell ILR Executive Education to develop and administer an HR boot camp to cross-train her entire team across all disciplinary areas.

With the number of employees at NYU Langone Health increasing tremendously, from 9,000 in 2007 to 33,000 today, and expected to reach 42,000 by the end of the year, Sanchez decided her team of 120 needed assistance to sustain the level of service needed from HR. She partnered with Cornell ILR Executive Education on a program that cohorts of up to 40 individuals who would attend over a three-month period. Janet Rizzuto, Executive Director of ILR Executive Education, notes that the goal of the program was “to expand their knowledge of HR practices outside of their specialty areas, enabling them to engage in helpful client discussions across a broader range of topics.” Each participant was awarded a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Cornell ILR upon completion.

Sanchez comments that the boot camp “allowed my staff to build an appreciation for the challenges and complexities involved in each other’s sub-specialties with HR. There were many ‘aha’ moments that they cite all the time and continue to do with the foundational knowledge they acquired.” Team members who attended the program say that it offers a better understanding of the challenges individuals face in their respective areas of expertise, and that they gain an awareness of the downstream impact an action has.

One direct result of the boot camp is an HR Solutions Center where staff can address a range of concerns, issues, and questions. The team is also working on automating and streamlining as many processes as possible so individuals can focus on personal service.

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