Aetna in Top 10 of 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index

Aetna ranked in the Top 10 on Sustainly’s 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index, which offers insight into the ways leading global companies communicate sustainability through online platforms and social media.

The index compares data from 475 global companies and over 2,500 Web sites and social channels to identify the Top 100 companies. According to the Index, after Mark Bertolini became Aetna CEO in 2014, he began instilling a culture of well-being into the purpose of Aetna, establishing an internal wellness culture and external sustainability programs around mindfulness and sleep deprivation. More than 25% of the company’s employees have taken mindfulness classes.

In addition to its focus on employee health and wellness, Aetna works to reduce its carbon footprint and maintain the health of the communities in which it operates. Green building initiative reduce potential environmental impacts by minimizing waste, reducing emissions, lowering water consumption, optimizing energy performance, and improving the office environment.

For more information on Aetna’s sustainability efforts, visit their Web site.

For additional information on the Sustainly report, visit them online.

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