Leveraging Technology to Reach Today’s Busy Executives

In today’s changing communication landscape, how does one reach busy executives who are already being bombarded with information from every angle? From print newspapers to Twitter, how does one best get seen by high-potential executives to those at the CEO level without adding to the multitude of information they are presented with daily?

Traditionally, successful executives gathered information from the morning print edition of the newspaper. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and many other prestigious publications provide executives with up-to-date information about business trends. Nowadays, executives can get up-to-the-minute updates from these same publications in print, online, via social media, or through podcasts, vlogs, and many other media.

The Medium is the Message

Social media has been popular for years for personal use, but is shifting to become a very important means of business communication. A report by the Brunswick Group states that about 48% of today’s executives are active on social media, with LinkedIn being the most-used platform (as per data collected in April 2019), according to. a survey given to 4,000 employers and 400 readers of financial news.Noah Kristula-Green, Associate with Brunswick Insight and director of the research said,“The Connected Leadership Survey confirms CEOs are missing a major opportunity by ignoring social media. The data shows that employees see value in their leaders communicating more transparently and that readers of the financial press will turn to social media to see how a CEO responds to a crisis or an emergency.”

Busy executives are also turning to blogs, such as those on Forbes.com and Medium.com for information, insight, and opinions, and are frequently creating content themselves for the internet space. Executives can publish or read articles specific to their fields on LinkedIn. Podcasts are another common medium for receiving information. Steve Tappin, CEO of Xinfu published a list of podcasts geared toward executives on LinkedIn. This list includes podcasts by EntreLeadership, Harvard Business Review, Robert Reiss, and others. 

Toronto University Professor, the late Marshall McLuhan famously stated, “The medium is the message,” far before the idea of social media existed. Are the various communication channels changing the information itself? How is such engagement measured in Executive Education?

ACI will continue its exploration into new and traditional media with regard to how a company gains meaningful exposure in these times of information overload in an upcoming series of blog posts.

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