Urgent Importance of Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security Today


Rafael Sosa

Rafael Sosa


In the always-online world of the 21st century, it is more important than ever that individuals and organizations alike take steps to ensure their security.

Cyber security companies, such as Sosa & Arvelo, can assist businesses in identifying risks and protecting themselves and their employees from cyber-related threats. Rafael Sosa is an attorney with years of experience in establishing the methods for gathering and analyzing cyber intelligence and presenting electronic evidence in court; prosecuting and investigating cybercrimes; training judges, district attorneys, prosecutors, and law-enforcement agents on cybercrime and digital evidence; providing conferences to the public; and advising the legislature on proposed legislation for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico on cybercrime matters. He now consults and offers lectures, seminars, and presentations on cybercrime, cyber incident response, information assurance, and legal and policy aspects to cyberspace.

His company, Sosa & Arvelo, assists in the following areas:

* Cyber Intelligence – Do you know what information about your company and your competitors is out on the Internet?

* Digital Data Policies – What you store can lead to liabilities if inadequately managed.

* Cyber Security – Can your executives detect an intrusion attempt? Employee training is crucial.

If you would like additional information, please contact Rafael at rafael@sosaarvelo.com.

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