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Oak Foundation, a family-led organization, provides grants that address issues of global, social, and environmental concern, especially those that impact the disadvantaged.

Major programs focus on the following issues/areas of concern:

* Environment – Building a clean energy future, maintaining the health of the oceans, and stopping the illegal trade in wildlife (43 grants totaling $42.21 million in 2017)

* Child Abuse – Preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of children  (46 grants totaling $19.72 million in 2017)

* Housing and Homelessness – Improving the economic and social well-being of marginalized youth, adults, and families (35 grants totaling $24.10 million in 2017)

* International Human Rights – Protecting and promoting the human rights of all people (55 grants totaling $25.16 million in 2017)

* Issues Affecting Women – Building strong and vibrant women’s movements that protect women from violence and tackle the root causes of inequality (29 grants totaling $18.20 million in 2017)

* Learning Differences – Helping students with learning differences reach their full potential (12 grants totaling $10.93 million in 2017)

* Special Interest – Reflecting the interest of trustees – making innovative and challenging grants that cover a range of fields, including health, humanitarian relief, education, and the arts (51 grants totaling $46.49 million in 2017)

Other programs focus on Brazil, India, Denmark, and Zimbabwe.

Oak Foundation’s main office is located in Geneva, Switzerland, and they have other offices: in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States; the United Kingdom; India; and Bulgaria.

For more information on Oak Foundation, visit their Web site.

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