IMD Offers Winning Sustainability Strategies Online Program

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IMD recently added a new program, Winning Sustainability Strategies, to its list of online offerings. This five-week program begins on September 21, 2020 and runs through October 25, 2020.

This program is designed for executives, strategy practitioners, and sustainability professionals responsible for strategy development, driving sustainability innovation, or embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into a company’s core strategy. It helps individuals integrate sustainability in their strategies and provides a practical framework for identifying and evaluating the performance of sustainability programs. Participants will learn about “vectoring” as a strategic tool and will develop their own sustainability plans.

Topics include:

Unit 1: Business in a Changing World

* UND SDGs and key global sustainability trends

* Vectoring model and its component parts

* Sustainability scoresheet for one’s organization

Unit 2: Developing Purpose-driven Organizations

* Importance of focus on specific sustainability issues

* Materiality and applying it to one’s own organization

* Reformulating company purpose

Unit 3: Reporting on Targets and Progress

* How to design a robust sustainability reporting framework for one’s own company

* How to embed the SDGs into business strategy

* How to successfully position sustainability within a modern business context

Unit 4: Transformation Toward a Circular Economy

* How to address opportunities and threats arising from the circular economy

* Applying tools such as the waste hierarchy and stakeholder partnerships

* Circular strategies for solution development

Unit 5: Implementing Sustainability 

* Creating a high-level action plan to implement sustainability strategy in one’s organization

* Potential of innovation platforms and collaborative networks

* Anticipating resistance and obtaining superior engagement from teams

For more information on the Winning Sustainability Strategies program, visit the IMD Web site.

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