G100 CEO Identifies Key Themes at Recent Meetings

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Scott Miller, CEO of G100, recently identified the four key themes from members and speakers at recent G100 Network meetings: leadership, vision and ideas (innovation), talent and succession, and strategy execution.


* Transforming an eponymous brand from products to services and why the on-premise, private hybrid cloud will play a larger role in enterprise IT

* Why the inverted pyramid services as an indispensable model for modern leadership

* Cross-organizational collaboration and coalition-building based on his experience leading the Joint Special Operations Command

* Delegating responsibility and accountability to senior team members

Vision and Ideas (Innovation)

* How a future business model less dependent on auto sales will improve mobility by leveraging cloud, electric, and autonomous technologies

* Revolution in sensors and artificial intelligence means for every business and why digital transformation is now the CEO’s job

* The Long-Term Stock Exchange book and how it will shape how boards think about governance, strategy, and product development

* How large organizations partner with startups and structure experiments to maximize learning

Talent and Succession

* How the American Express CEO and CHRO partnership helped manage multiple stakeholders and drive a closely watched internal CEO succession

* Where companies can invest in machine learning to free organizational capacity and improve the work of managers

Strategy Execution

* How an “A” management system accelerates alignment and improves the success rate of mergers and acquisitions

* Rethinking customer experience and changing organizational structure to turn around brick-and-mortar retailers

* Where boards add the most value and how executives can build more productive relationships with directors

For more information on G100, visit their Web site.

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