Columbia Business School Executive Education Announces New Programs for 2017

Columbia Business School Executive Education will be offering new programs in 2017, with a focus on helping participants produce fast and innovative results, solve challenges of contemporary business, and stay relevant in the ever-changing business world.

Donna Sharp, Executive Director of Executive Education at Columbia Business School, comments, “Over the next six months we are introducing a number of programs intended to help participants think like entrepreneurs while working within large organizations. The knowledge they will gain and skills they will learn will help them create a culture of innovation within their own companies.”

New programs for 2017 include:

* Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship – an online program taught by Professor Rita McGrath, a world-renowned expert on strategy and innovation, especially in volatile or uncertain environments. The program is taught in three parts focusing on corporate entrepreneurship – ideation, incubation, and acceleration – and can be taken individually or as a series.

* Developing and Leading High-Performance Teams – a three-day program taught by Professor William Klepper designed for executives in leadership positions or individuals who want to assume leadership roles

* From Idea to Prototype in 5 Days – Based on The Design Sprint from Google Ventures and taught by R.A. Farrokhnia, this program blends design, engineering, and business concepts to teach executives the rapid prototyping process.

* Quantitative Intuition: Making Smarter Decisions with Imperfect Information – Led by Associate Professor Oded Netzer, this program focuses on how to make bold decisions, even with incomplete information.

* Design Your Innovation Blueprint: Leveraging Systemic Inventive Thinking – a three-day program taught by Professor Gita Johar teaching participants how to generate creative and useful solutions to problems

* Innovate on Demand – an online program taught by Professor Gita Johar that provides tools for helping participants overcome barriers to innovative ideas

For more information, visit the Columbia Executive Education Web site.

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