What Business Leaders Really Think of Executive Education







According to Matthew Ensor, business director (advisory services) at Beca, who attended an executive education program at INSEAD, the investment in executive education is worth it.

Faced with the challenges of dealing with uncertainty and defining strategies to excel both regionally and globally, Ensor decided to attend a program. As one of the first executive education participants in his company, he encountered a great deal of uncertainty regarding the selection and application process. He advises:

“You only have one chance at choosing the right program, and it’s vital to select the right course at the right business school and, at the right time in your career.”

After much research of different schools and their teaching approaches, Ensor decided on INSEAD because their philosophy matched his outlook. After securing funding and receiving support from the company CEO and MD, as well as his family, Ensor successfully completed the program.

In addition to learning hard skills, it changed his approach to business, putting into context what he had done in his career and addressing aspects of his personality he would not have seen a reason to change. He gained not only tools, but also the confidence to utilize those tools. Ensor is now more comfortable making business decisions quickly and instinctively, even in the midst of conflicting or ambiguous information. Ensor indicates that he feels the impact of this experience daily, and is actively infusing the skills he learned throughout the business.

For more information on Ensor’s experience, visit Human Resources online.

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